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Mental Health Awareness

'We are here for you'

If you, or your child/children, are finding things hard, then please feel free to contact us at:

We can help you with confidential support and sign post you to local support groups.

You may also find some of these links/attachments helpful.

'Be strong. Be positive - we all struggle sometimes'

Please click the button below to access the Every Mind Matters website - this contains a brief outline of how to look after yours and your child/children's mental health.

Every Mind Matters

Kindness to Yourself Challenge

Please click on the button below to access a Kindness to Yourself Challenge created by ELSA Support.

Please click on the weblink below to access further assistance from ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants)

Kindness to Yourself


Take some time to relax at home with your family with YogaBugs relaxation session, a simple stretch routine, breathing and visualisation.

YogaBugs Video

Worry Jar

Use this worry jar for yourself, or child/children. Empty your head of everything that concerns you.

It often helps at see our worries/stresses visually so we can put things into perspective.

Focus on:

-What you can change

-What you can't change and need to accept


-What needs your urgent attention

-Who can help you

Worry Jar

Wellbeing Bingo

At the end of the week, why not reflect on the positives you have done by playing Wellbeing Bingo.

Please click the button below to access this.

Wellbeing Bingo

Useful Links

Please click on the buttons below to access further support and activities for yours and your child's mental wellbeing.

Please click on the button below to access a self-help confidential mental heath assessment.

Please note- It does not ask for your name but will identify and offer advice in areas you maybe struggling in.

Here to Help Screening