Working together for a successful future

My name is Mrs Samantha Sillito and I have the privilege of being the Headteacher of Queensgate Foundation Primary School. Queensgate Foundation Primary School was opened in 2010.

Queensgate is different to other primary schools and unique on the Isle of Wight. It is a Foundation School. This means we work in partnership with many providers to enhance opportunities and provision for the children. So far the partners that have offered support and that we are working with include: United Kingdom Sailing Academy, Briddlesford Lodge Farm, Saints in the Community, Footprint Trust, East Cowes Vics Football Club and English Heritage.

The staff of Queensgate are dynamic and experienced with much to offer. We set high teaching standards and have high learning expectations of the children. We are totally committed to giving the children the best educational start we can. As well as working closely with our partners we want to work with you. Close collaboration between the school and the community and between home and school is essential. With your help we will ensure that your child's years at Queensgate are both happy and successful. This is why our mission statement is "working together for a successful future".

We believe in encouraging each child and helping them to make the very most of their time with us. We will cater for all abilities and each child will be treated as an individual. We will develop your child so they are able to reach their full potential in all areas of life. We will provide a friendly and approachable environment where the children and parents feel valued, have fun and are successful in their learning.

Thank you for showing an interest in Queensgate Foundation Primary School. I would be very glad to show you around our school. Please ring the school office to make an appointment.

Best wishes

Mrs Samantha Sillito B.Ed (Hons) NPQH