Vision and Code

When Queensgate Foundation Primary School opened in September 2010, the school worked with the children, the staff, the parents and Governors to agree the core values for the school. This work culminated in the writing of our school vision and our school code which are central to all our working.

The Queensgate Vision

At Queensgate Foundation Primary we:

  • develop a love of learning through a wide variety of experiences and opportunities in a safe, stimulating atmosphere
  • create independent learners who reach their full potential
  • have happy, confident and resilient people
  • have high standards of achievement and behaviour
  • are at the heart of the community

The Queensgate Code

At Queensgate Foundation Primary School we:

  • use our good manners at all times
  • respect ourselves, other people, the school and the environment
  • are kind, caring, helpful and gentle
  • listen well and work hard
  • are smart!