The Team

Leadership Team: Mrs. S. Sillito, Mrs. S. Johnson, Mr. P. Tilling, Mrs. C. Grant, Mrs. A. Jones.

Admin Team: Mrs. A. Selle, Miss R. Rorich.

Bursar: Mrs. D. Purdue.

Reception Team: Miss S. Jenkins, Miss K. Stone, Miss K. Wheeler, Mrs. S. Stagg,                 Miss K. Gobby, Miss. A. Richardson.

Year 1 Team: Mrs. A. Mathews, Mr. P. Tilling, Mrs. G. Lloyd, Miss S. Gallop, Mrs. F. Turner (Tues, Weds & Thurs), Mrs. S. Wiper (1AM - Mon & Fri - All day, 1PT - Tues, Weds & Thurs - 8.40am - 9.30am).

Year 2 Team: Mrs. K. Arnell, Miss J. Cornwell, Mrs. N. Billington,  Mrs. C. Cade, Mrs. A. Attwell, Mrs. R. Collis (Mon, Tues & Weds),  Mrs. N . Antwiss (Thurs & Fri), Mrs. S. Wiper (Tues & Thurs pm & Weds from 9.30am), Mrs. S. Spragg (Mon & Fri pm), Mrs. J. Rowsell (Mon & Weds - 9.30am - 12.00pm & Thurs - 1.30pm - 3.00pm). 

Year 3 Team:  Miss A. Hunter, Miss B. Mawudoku, Mrs. N. Webb, Mrs. S. Tilling, Mrs. D. Jacobs (pm), Mrs. S. Spragg (Mon & Fri am & Tues, Weds, Thurs), Mrs. J. Kingsbury, Mrs. S. Wiper (Tues & Thurs am), Mrs. S. Cox (Tues & Thurs pm & Mon, Weds, Fri).

Year 4 Team: Mrs. L. Merwood, Mrs. R. Adams, Mrs. R. Johnson (Tues), Mrs. M. Parr,           Mrs. J. Hayward (Mon, Tues, Weds & Thurs), Miss J. Hume, Mrs. J. Rowsell (Fri am).

Year 5 Team: Mr. P. Giles, Mrs. K. Gibbins, Mrs. H. Calloway, Mrs. A. Piner, Miss J. Hume,       Mrs. H. Vernau, Mrs H. Norsworthy.

Year 6 Team: Miss L. Radcliffe, Mrs. A. Jones, Miss T. Saddington, Mrs. J. Salmon (am),    Miss C. Dawkins.

Inclusion Team: Mrs. C. Grant, Miss S. Turner.

Intervention Team: Mrs. A. Saunders, Mrs. J. Hiscock

Music Tuition: Mrs. R. Edgerton.

SALT Suppport: Mrs. M. Pengelly.

Out and About: Mrs. J. Gardner, Mrs. R. Johnson (Thurs).

Computer Technician / Support: Mrs. H. Hall.

The Den Team: Miss B. Marshall, Mrs. M. Pengelly.

Cookery: Mrs. J. Hiscock.

Breakfast Club Team: Mrs. C. Cade, Mrs. N. Webb.

MSA Team: Mrs D. Jacobs, Mrs. L. Hayden, Mrs. J. O'Reilly.

Premises Team: Mr. D. Cox, Mr. P. Hayden, Mrs. D. Peach, Mrs. F. Turner, Mrs. S. Stagg, Mrs. J. Rowsell.

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